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Learning Vocabulary Visually

I think one of the best uses of comics in the classroom is to teach vocabulary and I’ve recently discovered a site that does just that. It’s Weboword and it uses simple, stick-figure cartoons to teach new words (great for SAT study). There’s a new word every day and each post also includes a definition, pronunciation, situational uses, and related words. If you want to create your own word cartoons, you can upload them to the Weboword Ning.

Many teachers have discovered that when students associate an image with a word, they are more likely to be able to retrieve that word and remember its meaning. To learn new words, students must make connections between the new words and words or concepts they already know. Visualizing a new word can help kids make even stronger connections. The cartoons in Weboword could be used as models or springboards to get kids to make their own word cartoons. And because they are made with stick figures, anyone can do it, regardless of artistic ability.

You can subscribe to daily updates and have a new cartoon delivered to your email each day. Here’s today’s word: cogitate.



The cartoons are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 license so they are copyright friendly for classroom use.


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